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Soffit & Fascia

Does your home’s soffit and fascia need replacement or repair?
Call the Soffit & Fascia experts today at Strike Force!

Strike Force has a team of qualified & expert installers that will bring your home’s soffit & fascia back to perfect condition.

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What is Fascia?

Fascia is a board, commonly made of wood, vinyl, aluminum, or plastic that runs under a roof’s edge covering the space between the rafters of the roof. Fascia also holds up and stablizes your home’s gutter system.

What is Soffit?

Soffit covers the area beneath the rafter tails. Soffit protect your home’s rafters from the outside elements. Soffit also helps your home breathe, with air flowing through the vents to provide air circulation to your home’s attic.

Can I purchase Soffits & Fascia that match my home?

Yes! Strike Force offers Soffit & Fascia in a wide selection of colors and styles to match your home.



On the inside, Ventura’s hidden vents secretly channel airflow all while ensuring your soffits look sharp and sleek on the outside.



Ideal for a variety of home styles, our Universal Soffit offers affordable quality in five different vented and unvented options.



With a wide palette of colors and five different vented and unvented styles, Pro-Tech® Plus gives you the most flexibility.

Service Areas

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  • Flagler County
  • Brevard County
  • Parts of Seminole County & Orange County